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  • Emergency Management Education Network EMEN - the Emergency Management Education Network - is a Web- based resource that addresses a broad range of issues regarding emergency management, including business continuity and disaster recovery. Developed by the University of California Extension, Riverside, which offers courses in these fields, EMEN offers in-depth information for interested laypersons as well as emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery professionals. It also provides links to information about what lessons have been learned from previous disasters, what approaches are being taken by various organizations to lessen the impact of disasters, and ideas for the future from academia, professionals, and the public-at-large.
  • New Zealand Office of Civil Defense  The New Zealand Office of Civil Defense deals with natural and technological hazards and emergencies - providing national co- ordination and a range of support for local government and other emergency services. The office's Web site describes the agency, its programs and available training; offers tips on personal preparedness as well as an overview of New Zealand hazards and disasters, particularly volcanoes; provides updates on ongoing emergencies; and furnishes an on-line version of the office's excellent periodical, "Tephra Magazine."
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