L e e   &   A s s o c i a t e s   R e s c u e   E q u i p m e n t

Lee & Associates Rescue Equipment, Inc. was started over 16 years ago, primarily serving California. From the beginning Lee & Associates established a reputation for providing outstanding service and support to go with a high-quality product line. Today our mission remains the same, while our product line, territories and support staff have grown to meet the ever-increasing demand. With both foreign and domestic sales our reputation has spread considerably.

Lee & Associates prides itself on a technically knowledgeable staff ready to help with our customers needs. It is this same staff that has developed RescueNet™ - a place where rescue and safety professionals from around the world can meet, share their expertise, and find the information they need. Quality equipment to meet the challenge can only be brought to you by a quality team of professionals.

Welcome to Lee & Associates Rescue Equipment, Inc.

If you would like to contact us concerning our company, please phone us at (408) 338-7692 or send us some mail at If you would like to post information on this site, send your postings to

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